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Being in the right place
at the right time
with a camera
knowing how to tell a story =

The Basic Arithmetic of Photojournalism.

--> backstage with James Brown, 1969 --->

Starting with a Kodak Hawkeye at 8 years of age, Godfrey Jordan got the shutterbug itch early. He bought his first 35mm camera, an Argus C-3 rangefinder, at 13 with the earnings from a parttime job. At the camera department of the local Woolco store, he regularly traded in & up to a variety of SLR's and even a square format Ricohflex for his basic training.

The high school camera club provided opportunities for learning darkroom techniques such as rolling bulk stock into cannisters, developing film, then printing/enlarging photos for the school newspaper and yearbook - sometimes all within 2 hours. A boot camp for young photographers, a great place to be, and there were no academic credits involved - you just did it for the fun.

A few hundred rolls of film later, the Summer of 1969 came around.

Luck (a definition): "when preparation meets opportunity"
- eg. The Classic Rock Photographs and Jimi Hendrix Gallery.

Since that time, Godfrey's photo work has provided background research for his writing projects: the NASA space shuttle program, Haley's Comet observations in New Zealand, baseball's spring training rituals in Florida, the joys and ironies of everyday life everywhere.

He continues to use his Minolta 35mm - as a purist, still shooting film and printing from negatives in the darkroom.

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